The Great British Sewing Bee- Book One


At R&B we have been waiting eagerly for the start of the second series of Great British Sewing Bee. And suddenly it’s upon us, it starts this Tuesday BBC 2 at 8pm.

May Martin, judge of the Great British Sewing Bee is quoted as saying ‘ I want to bring sewing back into fashion’, and this is just what she and  fellow judge Patrick Grant have managed to do. The first series of GBSB gripped us in the same way that The Great British Bake Off had.

As the Great British Sewing Bee programs were being aired, shops were recording increased sales in fabrics, sewing machines and all things sewing related. Sewing classes were enrolling record numbers of pupils and the accompanying book went into a second print run before the series had ended.

I spoke to author Tessa Evelegh about writing the first book and asked if she had encountered any problems writing and photographing garments, whilst they were still under construction. A consummate professional, Tessa has written over 30 books, said it had been a combination of  long hours, and a very tight deadline. She said it had been great fun meeting the judges and contestants,  and she had thoroughly enjoyed the experience.



The book is perfect for anyone wishing to know the basics of sewing. It is a proper manual with clear diagrams, step -by -step illustrations and photographs and beautifully styled finished projects. The instructions are clear and the topics covered are those that were shown during the first series. Unusually there a garments for guys as well as women.

Pyjama trousers

Pyjama trousers

As well as covering all the basic techniques there are many extras for example a variety of ways to fit zips. Lots of thought has gone into the book and to get you on your way full sized patterns are sold as part of the book package.

Great British Sewing Bee Book 2 is being published on February 27th and will be reviewed here so watch this space.

Fitting Zips

Sewing in a zip

Great British Sewing Bee by Tessa Evelegh 

Published by Quadrille at £20


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