Face to Face: British Portraits from the Clifford Chance Art Collection at The Sir John Soane Museum

We always love an excuse to go along to the Sir John Soane Museum, and this visit was made even more special with the rare opportunity to see the award winning art collection of Clifford Chance. The collection includes works by Patrick Caulfield, David Hockney, Peter Howson, Gary Hume and William Hogarth among others covering the development of portraiture in printmaking. A variety of printmaking techniques, such as engravings etchings and screen prints are used to explore the themes of realism abstraction process and caricature.

Tom Philips Dantes Inferno: Dante in his Study 1983

Tom Philips Dantes Inferno: Dante in his Study 1983

The exhibition features works by established artists such as David Hockney 1976 Henry at Table, Paula Rego with lithographs of Pleasing Mr Rochester 2002, Patrick Caulfield Portrait of a Frenchman 1978 and Tom Philips Dantes Inferno 1983. Younger printmakers are also included, Nicola Thomas with film stars of the 30’s and 40’s and Alessandro Raho with minimal lithographs of Simon.

What really struck us was how enlightened Clifford Chance are to have high quality original art works in their offices. Clifford Chance partner Sonia Gilbert says “bringing art into our building exposes our people to the best and most original thoughts of artists across the decades.” She continues, “we hope that our collection might serve as an example of what can be achieved by corporate support for the arts.”

Paula Rego Pleasing Mr Rochester 2002

Paula Rego Pleasing Mr Rochester 2002

The exhibition is supported by a public programme of events, including talks and practical workshops.


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