Craft a Creative Business by Fiona Pullen


Craft a Creative Business, what a clever name, and it even does what it says on the cover.There are many books written on how to use social media, improve your web site presence, set up a business and how to sell on line, but I defy anybody to find one as good as this.

Without being patronizing Fiona gently guides you how to, and indeed advises whether you even should, set up on your own.

Fiona Pullen is well known for her and ever since she started, as well as letting her readers know about fabrics, equipment, courses, designers and what’s on, she has been offering sound and user friendly advice on the use of social media. The piece she wrote for on using Twitter is the clearest and easiest to follow that I have ever read.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 18.25.25

So it is not a surprise that she has written this book and that she had two publishers fighting to publish it.

She covers all the topics you need: from self employment, the law, presenting your business, social media, selling on line, selling off line and then ends with some very handy tips and an overview.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 18.25.04

Dotted throughout each section of the book are lists of activities in which to engage, not so much homework, more a way of making sure you cover everything. The book shows the way in which Fiona  herself has built her own strong business. Nothing is left to chance and she is thorough in checking and re-checking every small detail.

At one point she says many people write a business plan and then never look at it again. You need to look at it again and create goals for yourself. You need to be realistic in pricing your goods and your time to see if what you want to do is viable.

For a business book it is unusual in that it is presented in a fun user-friendly style with illustrations and coloured images. For anyone thinking of starting a business or even those already in business this is a ‘must have’ book.

Great news is that as well as publishing this book Fiona has set up a new web site that helps and guides you through running a business.

Published by Search Press at £12.99


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