Decorated -Sublimely Crafted Cakes for Every Occasion

by April Carter  photographed by Danielle Wood



R&B consultants  is essentially a style website and blog and so it is unusual for us to review a cookery book. However this is a cookery book with style.

Decorated is April’s third book and she has a fresh modern approach to baking. The book has a gorgeous cover photo, a clever ‘shabby chic’ take on the humble Victoria sponge. It is made up of a pyramid of cakes of different circumferences, adorned with fresh flowers and fruits a simple idea, executed brilliantly. It is so refreshing to have a book full of cakes that are neither novelty cakes or covered in a layer of white icing.

“When it comes to food, I prefer a simple approach and one of my favourite ways to create some drama and make a cake look special is by adding height with lots of layers’

April’s shows how to make perfect even layers of cake, filled with smooth buttercream.

Cherries on the top

A modern take on an old favourite

One of the secrets of her success is that she is adaptable and experiments with different flavour and colour combinations. She keeps notes on what she is doing so that she can replicate a cake or adapt her receipe next time.

Gingerbread whiskey and caramel

Gingerbread cake with Whiskey and Caramel

The styled shots are mouth watering. There are also excellent clear step by step photographs. For example we are shown how to fill and cover a cake with buttercream or chocolate ganache. We can see how to level a split cake and how to assemble tiered cakes. There a photo’s of the correct way to split a vanilla pod, melt chocolate and use food colouring.

The last part of the book has some interesting extra’s: Crystalised Rosemary, nuts painted with edible gold lustre dust and covering fruit with edible glitter, making crystalised rose petals.

We are also given vital advice on how to transport cakes, and for the bloggers amongst you, the best way to photograph them.

This review is part of The Decorated Blog Tour organized by April’s publishers.

This book has to be on your Christmas list !

Published by Hardie Grant at £20


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