Tie-dyed Cushions

With the hippy vibe being very much on trend, you can create your own designer cushions for next to nothing.


You will need:

  • Cotton pillowcases, two for £5, Matalan
  • Jeans Blue Dylon hand dye, £3.99
  • Pegs, £1
  • Cushion pads, £2.50 each, B&Q


  1. Turn the pillow case into a square cushion cover by first measuring the width of the pillowcase. Then, from the opening measure down the length to this value and draw a line. Cut off the excess 1cm away from your line.
  2. Turn the pillowcase inside out and sew the front to the back along the line. Iron the pillowcase and fold it in half and iron flat, then fold ion half again and iron flat. Open it up and concertina where the ironed fold marks are. Peg together.
  3. Submerge the pleated pillowcase (including pegs) in water. Mix up the dye according to the instructions, and dye the pillowcase with its pegs. Remove the pillowcase as instructed. Rinse out and remove the pegs, then wash it in a colour washing machine to set the colour.



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