Butterfly Chair

This butterfly chair is collapsible, easy to make and easy on the wallet.


You will need:

-Chair £10 charity shop

-Cotton drill fabric, £18 Crafty Sewer

-Dylon machine dye, £6.84 per pack

-15mm bias binding £5 Crafty Sewer


  1. Dye your fabric in each colour, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure it is fully dry before you start work on the chair.
  2. Carefully unpick the original seat cover, and use this as a pattern. Pin each section to your dyed fabric, and cut out. You’ll need a left and a right side for both the top and the underside of the seat, as well as a front and back for the pockets which hold the metal frame.
  3. With the right-sides facing, pin the top of the seat fabric to the underside at the centre seam. Sew from the centre of the seat outwards, stretching as you sew, to ensure the two pieces fit together. Repeat this step to join the other half of the chair top to the underside.
  4. Neaten the straight edge of the pockets, then sew the curved raw edges onto the cover. Repeat for the reverse of the seat. Once the pockets are in place, sew the seat top to the underside around the edge. Finally, attach the bias binding all the way around the cover.

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