Pallet Coffee Table


You will need:

-Two wood pallets


-Emulsion paint

-Scumble glaze




-Fourcastor wheels

-Basket trays


  1. Carefully remove the long slats from one of your pallets, then screw them onto the base of the other to make support for the drawers to sit on. Ensure they are properly secure, especially if you’ll be storing heavy or valuable items, before moving onto step two.
  2. Using a surform (a tool not dissimilar to a cheese grater) remove any loose bits of wood from your pallet’s surface, edges and underside.
  3. In a bucket, mix 100ml of scumble glaze with 400ml of your chosen emulsion, and a little water to thin the glaze. Brush onto the wood. We chose white to give a white-washed look.
  4. Turn your coffee table upside-down and screw a wheel to each corner. Finally add storage boxes in the gaps.

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