Recycled Rag Rug

Rainbow rag rug made from recycled old blankets


You will need

Old woolen blanket (the number will depend on the size of rug desired)

Dylon hand or machine

Large tapestry needle and sewing thread


Dye the blankets and leave to dry

Using a straight edge cut the blankets into long thin strips.

Plait like colours together

Tie up the ends of the plaits

Arrange the plaits side by side until you are happy with the colour combinations.

With a running stitch sew the braids together along one edge.

Sew each braid onto the next one and then once they are all sewn together sew with running stitch along the bottom edge of the mat in the same way you did along the top.

Tips to save money in dye keep some of the blankets self coloured and dye different coloured blankets in the same dye batch as the finished results will be different.


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