Stencil Duvet Cover

Stencil Design Duvet Cover

With its safe decor the bedroom needed colour and fresh design to bring it alive.

We decided to transform a simple white duvet cover into a designer statement by dying it and adding a bold contemporary stencil pattern.


You will need:

Cotton duvet cover and pillowcase

Dylon Fabric Paint

Dylon Machine Fabric Dye

Drafting film

OHP pen

Greaseproof paper for tracing


Repositionable spray adhesive

Iron and ironing board

Pencil and rubber

Cutting mat

Craft knife

Stencil brushes

Palette we used the lid from a disposable microwave carton

Dye the duvet cover and pillowcases in the washing machine following the manufacturers instructions.

Meanwhile draw your design on paper, then trace onto drafting film with the OHP pen. On a cutting mat cut the stencil from the drafting film with a craft knife.

Fold the duvet cover in half lengthways and iron to crease. Spray the reverse of the stencil with a light coat of repositionable spray adhesive. Use the creased central line as a guide to positioning your stencil, press the drafting film in position on the fabric so it adheres.

Using the fabric paints mix up your colours, we mixed a blue for the outer edge of the design and added a rich plummy colour in the centre. Put about a tsp of the first fabric paint onto the palette then load a brush with a very small amount, keep it very dry. To coat the bristles evenly with the fabric paint swirl the brush around on a clean part of the palette.

Use a pouncing action with the stencil brush transfer the design through the stencil onto the fabric. Stencil on the blue first, then with another brush stencil on the plum colour. Lift off the stencil, reposition and repeat to cover the duvet and pillowcases. When you are finished leave to dry, then follow the fabric paint manufacturers instructions and iron to set the design.


Trace several copies of the design onto greaseproof paper and cut out. Arrange the paper tracings on the duvet cover to decide how you want to position your stencils. Take a picture, then measure up the design to help position the stencil on the duvet cover.

To check you are happy with the mixed colour practice stencilling on the back of the duvet cover.


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