Pouffe Floor Cushion

This is a great little pouffe, perfect to put your feet up as you relax in your favourite place. We chose a rich wild striped velvet, bright enough to liven up any space.

unnamed-12 copy

You will need:

2mt fabric

Clarke and Clarke Sunrise Strip Velvet £49.00

2x 55cm zips

Calico for lining

Beanbag filling Hobbycraft from £10.00

Pins, needles and thread


Greaseproof paper

First make pattern for the circular top, take two lengths of greaseproof paper 65cm long and tape together. Fold the paper into quarters then eighths, mark the paper 31.5cm from the central point, then join these markings and cut the folded paper along the line you have drawn and unfold the circle. Fold the circle in half and trace the D shape onto another piece of paper and adding 1.5cm along the straight edge to make the turn in for the zip. Use the patterns to cut out two base pieces and a top from the calico and velvet. Now cut two side panels 33cm x 97cm from the calico and velvet.

First make the zip up base for the calico liner. At both ends of the central seam, sew closed the last 5cm from the edge, then sew in the zip. Take the two side panels and sew together with a seam allowance of 1.5cm. Pin the base and the top to the side section making a drum shape, sew with a 1.5cm seam. Repeat with the velvet fabric. Put the calico case inside the velvet case, then fill with polystyrene beads. Zip up the openings.


Fold and mark the fabric sections into quarters and eighths to make light work of putting together the drum shape pouffe.


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