Juliet and Amanda’s Q&A Clinic – Kitchens

Are you stuck in a creative rut, completely lacking in inspiration and just don’t know which way to turn? Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered. Juliet and Amanda are the dream team who bring HomeStyle’s upcycling projects to life, and with decades of experience between them, they’re just the people to solve your woes. This time, it was Chloe Elliott asked us a question.

Im planning a kitchen refit but the space is so small – how do I create more workspace without extending?” Chloe Elliott, Wimbledon

Dear Chloe,

If youre lucky enough to be fitting a new kitchen, now is the perfect time to think storage. In your plan, include a couple of tall cupboards that will swallow lots of kitchen necessities. Check to see if theres enough space to add an island unit as it gives more work surface, lots of storage and can be used as a breakfast bar. If youre space hungry, check out Magnet for an impressive wall hung fold out table.


Even if you have an inherited kitchen there are lots of practical steps you can take; dip into Ikea or any of the DIY sheds for nifty retrofit ideas. First off, create the illusion of space by clearing the worktops and give everything its allocated storage space. Fit narrow shelves for herbs and spices on the inside of cupboard doors; this makes them so easy to find and, being relatively light, they shouldnt affect the swing of the door. A great way of storing something you use regularly but not every day (a food mixer, for example) is to add a hinged shelf that folds under the existing work surface.

Displaying your curated collection is where its at! Invest in a ceiling rack for storing items you will be cooking with daily, such as saucepans, colanders and ladles. Screw hooks to walls for hanging shopping bags, aprons and tea towels. A wall of shelves can be used for both display and storage.


Steal display ideas from the people who spend their lives making things look attractive. A lavish source of inspiration is Caroline Rowlands new book The Shopkeepers Home (Jacqui Small, £25). Packed with images it gives you unique access into the homes of over 30 of the worlds most stylish independent retailers. Our talented photographer friend Nick Carter took many of the shots for the book, including those shown here.


Juliet and Amanda



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