Chart Side Table

This table was very stained and sad looking when we spotted it in a seaside charity shop. In the same shop were some old sailing charts and that gave us an idea. Why not decoupage, that’s essentially gluing and sticking, some charts onto the table.


You will need


Tester pot Crown paint City Life tester pot £2.99

Paint brush

Paper scissors

PVA glue

Table x £9

Charts 3x £5




  1. Sand and then paint the table with grey emulsion. Leave to dry, if it needs a second paint do this now.
  2. Measure the diameter of the circular table top and bottom and draw 2 circles to this measurement minus 1cm on the back of the sailors chart and cut out.
  3. Paint a coat of PVA glue on the fronts of each circle of chart, leave to dry and then repeat with the back.
  4. Using more PVA glue, stick the circles in place on the table. Leave to dry. Repeat step 4 with more coats of PVA to create a sustainable and usable table.

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