Woodland Critter Cushions

Designer cushions are expensive but sometimes they are so covetable. We love Lush designs and so we decided to turn three of their tea towels into cushion covers. We got designer cushions at a fraction of the price they would otherwise be.


You will need –

Tea Towels from Lush £11

Cushion pad that fits the width of the tea towel. (We used ones we already had from cushions we no longer liked)



Sewing machine

Calico (optional)


Wrap the tea towel around the cushion pad and see if there is an overlap at the back.

If there is enough fabric then remove the tea towel from the pad and lie it flat so that the wrong side of the tea towel is facing the table.

Fold the tea towel so that there is a square the size of the pad on the table, bring up the two ends of the tea towel so they overlap in the centre.

Pin and then machine down the sides.

Turn the cushion cover through the center back opening, and press flat.

Insert the cushion pad.




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