Desk Make-Over

Everyone’s pushed for living space just now and dual purpose practical furniture is a great solution. With its generous stack of drawers and handy fold down desk, who could resist this space saving desk. We decided to bring it up to date with a coat of bold zingy orange chalk paint. The beauty of chalk paint is it sticks to practically anything and string chalk paint maker into emulsion means your colour choice is limitless.


You will need:


Paint brushes

Paint kettle

Desk £50.00

0.75 can Crown Stain Block Primer is £10.99 for 750ml

0.20 can Polyvine Chalk Paint Maker 500ml £10.00

0.10 Polyvine Chalk Paint Waxer Dead Flat 500ml £10.88



Wash the desk with a mild solution of washing up liquid in hot water, make sure you remove all grease from the surface, rinse with clean water then leave to dry. Sand wood lightly to give a key for paint. Vacume your work area to give yourself a dust free painting area. Paint desk with stain bock primer.

Mix emulsion with chalk paint maker according to manufacturers instructions, paint desk. When dry repaint with the mixed chalk paint.

Paint over with chalk paint waxer.


For a stronger finish give your desk a couple of days for the paint to harden and cure before you start using it.



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