Neon String Lampshade

Texture is very much on trend, as are fluorescent colours so we thought we would combine them in a hanging lampshade. We also managed to find some great coloured lamp fittings on line. So you can make this spectacular shade for a fraction of what it would cost in the shops.

String Lamp


You will need

Lamp frame from £7.65

Bulb holder and orange power cord £5.95

Florescent String, green, pink, yellow from £3 a ball =£9

Orange Flo spray paint by Valspar From £3.24

Paint brush

Total Price £25.84 You will have lots of paint and string left to use on other projects

Essential product Credits



String from Nutscene


String lamp 2


Step by step

  1. In an open area. Cover the floor and spray the lamp frame. Leave to dry. When dry turn the fame and spray any areas that aren’t covered.
  2. Wrap string, in clumps of colour round shade from top to bottom. Leave some areas completely open as it produces very interesting shadows when the light is on.
  3. Spray some colour into a jar and then paint it onto the outside of the fitting. Leave to dry.
  4. Push the fitting through the frame and hang in position.

Tips. If the string moves around too much then use a glue stick to anchor the start and finish of each colour.


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