Sweetie Chandelier Light

This brightly coloured lamp is made from a collection of old and found bits and pieces. The lamp base was a fifteen year old Ikea one that had seen better days, so we gave it a coat of spray paint to liven it up.

Chandalier Lamp

You will need

Lamp frame £8.50 ebay

Old lamp base Stylists own

Red spray paint Valspar from £7.93

Old glass crystals from old chandeliers and lights

Marabou glass paint hobbycraft in green yellow and purple £2.75 each x 3 =£8.25


Total price



Step by Step

  1. Cover the floor in paper and spray both lamp base and lamp frame bright red. Leave to dry. When dry, turn and respray any areas that are not covered.
  2. Cut the sponge into pieces small enough to fit in the glass paint bottles.
  3. Lay the crystals onto paper and dab with paint. Leave to dry.
  4. Attach the crystals to the frame.

Tips. You need only dab the paint onto one side of the crystals, as being glass the colour will show through. However if you want a deeper colour. Leave to dry over night and then sponge paint onto the other side of each crystal.


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