Wine Box Shelf

Turn an old wooden wine box into a shelf by painting, wallpapering and adding screw holders at the side to attach it to the wall. We chose a lovely blue paint from crown and wallpaper from Mini moderns, one roll will go along way and that means that you can cover files, books and other shelves too.

Wine Crate Shelf

You will need –

Wooden Wine box

Minimoderns Emulsion paint lido £5.00

Paint brush

Minimoderns wallpaper Darjeeling £50

PVA glue


Picture frame brackets Homebase

Screw Driver

Electric drill black and decker

Masonery screws

Total Price



Step by step

Paint the exterior of the box with emulsion paint. Mix pva with a little water to the consistency of double cream and paint the inside of the box to seal. When dry measure and cut wall paper to size. Paint the reverse of the paper pieces and insides of the box with let down pva. Press the paper in place rubbing down any stubborn bubbles. When dry screw picture frame brackets to the side, then screw to the wall.


Wood can be very absorbent and suck up paint, to get an even coat first paint the box with emulsion which has been let down with a little water.




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