Veg Crate Side Table

It is hard to believe this side table was once a humble veg box. We, turned it on end, added a shelf put some casters on its bottom and then as a finishing flourish we painted the edge of it luminous pink.Flourescant Veg Crate

You will need-

Vegetable crate

Valspar pink florescent paint £3.42 100ml


Some off cuts of wood

Wood dye £4.50

Set of 4 castors £7.14

White emulsion




Tape measure

Flourescant Veg Crate 2


Step by Step

  1. Measure the depth of the crate and cut 4 batons from your wood off cuts to this size.

2.Measure to halfway down the crate and screw on two of the batons. This is to hold the shelf.

3.Screw the other two batons onto the base of the crate, this is to hold the castors.

  1. Measure the width of the crate and cut lengths of wood to fit. We used three to make a shelf but it will depend on the width of your off cuts.
  2. Stain the wood and leave to dry.
  3. Screw the wooden slats, to create shelves, on to the batons
  4. Screw the castors onto the ends of the battons at the bottom of the crate.
  5. Paint the edge of the shelf batons and rim of crate white and leave to dry.
  6. Paint over the white with florescent paint.

Tips. If you can only get spray florescent paint and you only need to paint a small specific area, then spray into the lid of the can and apply the paint with a brush.


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