Vintage Sewing Patterns

We found some lovely old knitting patterns in a charity shop and decided to give them a makeover. We copied and then photo shopped the original patterns to give them more colour. Then we sewed lines of stitching to add detail.


You will need –

Patterns 50p from charity shop

Photocopier and computer (or use the original patterns)

Sewing machine

Old frames £2 each charity shop

Tester pots emulsion paints in different colours from £2.99

Photocopy paper

Command strips for hanging pictures £3.99

Total price £9.49


  1. Paint your frames with brightly coloured emulsion paint.
  2. Measure the size of the interior of the frame. Scan the patterns, and on your computer make the patterns to that size.
  3. Enhance the colours using photoshop on your computer.

4.Print out each of the patterns.

5.Using a sewing machine place each pattern in turn  and draw with your machine round necklines, sleeves and even pockets. You can even add a pattern, as we did on a skirt, using a zig zag stitch.

  1. Place the patterns in the frames. Hang on the wall using command strips.

Tips: You can use knitting or sewing patterns. Before sewing through paper do a few practices to get the feel of it.


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