Lego Keyring Board

We were all brought up with Lego and there is still plenty of it around. This is a brilliant if a bit cheeky way of storing your keys.

If you have a brother boyfriend or know a child that has some lego they might give you some in return for a Lego key ring.


You will need

A small piece of hardboard £1 from B&Q

A Flat Lego base (the sort you build your castle on )

Oblong Lego bricks to turn into key rings.

Drill with a tiny bit

Split rings for key ring

No nails


Costs £4



1.Measure the back board of the lego and cut out a piece of hardboard to the same dimensions.

  1. Using no nails stick the board onto the hardboard
  2. Using a tiny drill bit, a jewelers drill bit is ideal, make a hole in the corner of the lego brick.
  3. Thread the split ring through the hole and attach the keys.


Make sure the hole is in the correct place or else the lego brick will not plug into its base. You can pick up Lego in charity shops or for very large scale you could use Duplo instead.


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