Jungle Leaf Stencil Cupboard

We couldn’t resist this brown cupboard with its acres of storage space and handy stash busting shelves. Not pretty and not about to go anywhere when we spotted it in the charity shop, we knew it was a perfect canvas the big bright jungle leaf treatment.


You Will Need

  • Charity shop cupboard £40
  • Dulux Matt Emulsion dublin bay 4 £24.49
  • Dulux Matt Emulsion tarragon glory 4 £24.49
  • Dulux Matt Emulsion white £24.49
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil and paper
  • Masking tape
  • Drafting film from art stores £5.00
  • Spray adhesive
  • Stencil brush

Total price



  1. Use a mild solution of washing up liquid and warm water to wash down the cupboard, make sure you remove all grease marks. Leave to dry, then rub down with fine grade sandpaper. Paint primer, you may need to add a second coat to cover the brown stain. Paint the exterior and interior with matt emulsion paint.
  1. Work out your design on paper then using a felt pen trace onto drafting film. Cut out the design using a craft knife. Spray the reverse of the stencil with adhesive and press into position on the cupboard door. Put about a tablespoon of emulsion on a disposable plate and using a stencil brush fill in the design. Leave to dry, then use a brush to add the leaf detail freehand. Turn the stencil over spray with adhesive and repeat on the other cupboard door. When dry paint the cupboard with a matt varnish


  • For a really long lasting paint finish strip the cupboard with paint stripper before painting.



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