Geometric Table

Have yourself an enviable conversation piece coffee table by transforming a very ordinary coffee table with a new asymmetrical top and a lick of paint.


You Will Need

  • Lisabo £65 Ikea
  • 20mm MDF £5
  • Black and Decker electric jig saw and drill
  • Paint £2
  • Varnish £2
  • Wood filler £1
  • Screws £2

Total price


  1. Using the jig saw cut the table top over hang off the table. Draw the shape of the new table top on the MDF. Cut out with the jigsaw. Sand the edges of the table and MDF.
  2. Paint the MDF table top Caribbean dawn 2 and the legs Deep Fossil. Place the MDF table top on the table, drill through the new top into the old top then screw together.
  3. Fill screw holes with two part filler then sand and retouch paint. When dry paint the whole table with quick dry


This table gives lots of space for styling a table scape, we love the zingy saffron we chose, for a seasonal new look, change your styling accessories

HomeStyle magazine feature : Fabric CanvasMAY issue 2016 .Styling Amanda Russel & Juliet Bawden








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