Ladder Plant Stand


You will need:



Black and Decker drill and jig saw


Dulux Matt Emulsion paint

Spirit level

Scrap wood selection for shelves and battens

This ladder plant stand makes a handy indoor garden, you can grow plants as well as herbs for the kitchen and it has bags of handy storage space.

How to:

We used all our scrap wood for this project, a couple of old boards for the shelves and stripwood in a variety of dimensions for the supports.

The wood we used for these shelves was a very mixed bag of scraps so to start with we painted the ladder and all the wood with emulsion for a uniform colour. To make the ladder lean against the wall you need to adjust the back legs. Put up the ladder, then lean the back legs against the wall so they are perpendicular to the floor. Hold in position, this will raise the front legs off the floor. Measure the distance between the floor and the front legs. Measure and cut this amount off the back legs, now the ladder can hold its position against the wall.

Next add battens on the back legs as shelf supports. Place the spirit level on the bottom step, then use a pencil to mark the position on the back legs. Measure the distance between the back legs, cut a batten from strip wood and screw in place. Repeat for all the steps.

Measure for shelves then cut scrap wood to length. Screw each shelf in place on the step and batten. Touch up the ladder shelves with emulsion.


Emulsion paint is quick and easy to use, surfaces need minimal preparation, it gives great cover and the brushes are easy to wash clean.


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