Applique Rug

A very reasonably priced rug from IKEA has been given a summer 2016 tropical makeover, using just felt, and embroidery floss. The result is vibrant and as it is quite light it can be used as a picnic rug.

You will need

Paper and pencil

Paper Scissors and dressmaker’s scissors

Hampen Rug in Green IKEA £11

Tapestry needle

3 of each colour Felt A4’s at 59p a square from Minerva Crafts

pink,purple,turquoise, apple green, olive green, meadow green =£10.62

1 meter bright green felt =£7.99

Embroidery floss in pink turquoise and purple from a pack of 20 colours £4.99 Korbond available in Tesco and Sainsburys


  1. Draw very large leaves into the paper and cut out to use as a pattern.
  2. Draw smaller A4 size leaves onto paper and cut out.
  3. Draw large circles and smaller circles onto paper, these are for your flowers.
  4. Cut out V shapes round the edge to make the petal shapes.
  5. Pin the paper shapes onto the felt and cut out the flowers and leaves.
  6. Arrange the flowers and leaves on the rug.
  7. Sew the leaves and flowers down their centers for the leaves and round the edge of the inner circles for the flowers using large running stitches.

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