Tray Side Table

Our latest charity shop find was a great little wooden tray, perfect to transform into a side table with a simple wooden tray stand.


You Will Need

  • Wood 24mm x 20mm x 2400mm £5.99 Homebase
  • Screws
  • Webbing
  • Nut, bolt and washer from £2.48 B&Q
  • Sandpaper
  • Black and Decker power saw and drill

Total price




  1. Decide the height of your stand then calculate the length of the legs remembering they will be crossing over. Cut four legs from wood. Drill a hole large enough for the bolts in the middle of each leg.
  2. The stand needs to be as wide as the tray to support it enough to cut two batons the width of the tray. Make the first pair of legs by screwing a baton to the top and bottom of one leg, then screw onto the second leg making a frame.
  3. To find the width of the second set of legs measure the inside width of the frame. Cut 2 batons to this length then screw a baton to the top and bottom of one leg and screw onto the second.
  4. Paint the frames and tray with matt emulsion paint, when dry varnish.
  5. Put the smaller frame inside the larger frame and use the nuts bolts and washer to assemble the stand. To keep the tray stand open and stable cut lengths of webbing then staple in place on the batons



  • If you are putting the stand up and down often invest in locknuts for the joint

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