Cath Kidston Covered Chair


You will need:

3m of medium weight Calico

Pieces of Cath Kidston fabric

Pins, needles and thread

Safety pins

Cotton tape

Water-soluble pen


Clothes pegs

Sewing machine

Hook and loop tape

Transform a very dull looking chair into a pretty patchwork heaven. Perfect for a bedroom. We made a pattern and then created our patchwork fabric using Cath Kidston pieces. The hook and loop tape opening on the side seam makes fitting easy.

Tip: Before doing anything with the fabric, wash on a hot wash and then tumble dry it on a hot setting. This way it will shrink as much as it is ever going to. Iron so you have flat fabric to work with.

  1. To make the pattern for each section of the chair cut out a piece of calico, cut them large so there’s enough spare fabric for fitting, the lower edge of the chair will need more than you think necessary to allow for making a tape casing, so be generous. Pin each section onto the chair and then add seam allowance. Remove the section and cut out.
  2. Sew the calico cover together, leave one of the side seams half open. Fit the cover onto the chair, pin the side seam closed and adjust the fitting, taking it in to give a closer fit.

3.Remove the calico cover from the chair, mark the sewn seams with felt pen as well as the centre line of each panel.

4.Unpick the calico cover to create your pattern.

  1. Sew patches of fabric together to roughly the dimensions of each pattern piece. Press the seams flat. Pin the calico pattern pieces onto the patchwork pieces.Cut out the fabric, into as many pattern pieces as you need, we had 6, and press.
  1. Sew the pieces together as you did for the original calico patternleaving one of the side seams half open.
  1. Try the cover on the chair inside out and pin any adjustments that need to be made. Remove the cover and make the adjustments on the sewing machine.
  1. Cut a 3cm bias strip from calico to bind the curved raw edges around the chair legs. Pin, and sew, turn the raw edge under by 0.5cm then turn the binding and sew in place. Sew hook and loop tape to both sides of the seam opening.

To make the tape casing, turn lower edges of the chair cover in by 4cm turn in the raw edge by 1cm then sew down close to the edge. Measure up for the tape, thread through the casings with a safety pin.


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