Tapestry Bench Cushion

This bench cushion is made from old tapestries some scraps of blue velvet and velvet curtains, that we dyed flamingo pink and goldfish orange.


You will need


Brush for painting

Mat Emulsion paint Tangerine Twist Dulux from £13.94 B&Q

Goldfish Orange machine dye Dylon £6.84

Flamingo pink and goldfish orange machine dye Dylon £6.84

Old Velvet curtains

Scraps of blue velvet

Skogsta Bench £40 Ikea

Old Duvet

Sewing machine


Dressmaker’s scissors



Old Tapestries from second hand shops £10



  1. Measure the length and width of the bench and make a paper pattern to this size.
  2. Sand and then paint the bench. Leave to dry.
  3. Dye some of the velvet curtain pink and some orange.
  4. Cut down the tapestries so they are each the width of the bench, place them on the paper pattern.
  5. Cut velvet orange strips. And place either side of the center piece of tapestry
  6. Cut blue velvet strips the same size as the orange ones. Place at the ends of the cushion. Place everything next to each other and rearrange as necessary until you are pleased with the patterns and colours.
  7. Cut a long piece of pink velvet the width and length of the bench, this is for the back of the cushion.
  8. With right sides together sew one piece onto the next to make the cushion front. Iron it flat.
  9. With right sides facing, place the front of the cushion on top of the back and sew down the two long sides.
  10. Iron again and then turn through to the correct way.
  11. Cut up the duvet so you have a long narrow piece about the same dimensions as the open ended cushion cover. Sew with a tacking stitch round the edge of your narrow filling.
  12. Push the filling into the open ended cushion cover and arrange till it fits.
  13. Turn in either end seam and sew with a blind hemming stitch.

Tips. The reason for keeping both ends of the cushion open until the last step is that it is much easier to fit the filling in without it twisting. If you have a mate to help, you so much the better as you can pull against one another.

Rug supplied by Flair Rugs – http://flairrugs.com/



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