Glamorous Bedside Table

We found this small cupboard in a junk shop and although there was nothing basically wrong with it, it was dull. So we decided to give it a glam makeover. We even designed our own paper to cover it with.

You will need:

Azure fusion or any turquoise blue/green emulsion 2 or 3 match Dulux

Furniture from charity shop

Copy right free images of flowers and birds from the internet.

Use of a colour photocopier and scanner

Red and orange acrylic paint. Rose shaped knobs from

Sand paper

PVA glue




1.Sand your furniture so that the paint will adhere to it.

  1. Paint it with emulsion paint and leave to dry.
  2. Paint using the same or similar emulsion you used on the cupboard, onto a piece of A4 paper and leave to dry.
  3. Choose copy right free images on the internet and cut them out and arrange on the blue paper. Stick them down.
  4. Photocopy your design a few times and then stick the paper onto the drawer fronts and the sides of the cupboard.

6.To prevent seeing where there are any joins. Cut out individual flowers and stick them over any joins to create a new and fluid design.

  1. Water down some PVA glue and go over the paper you have stuck down to make it more robust and less likely to stretch and bubble.
  2. Paint individual flowers in red and orange. Leave to dry.
  3. Get copyright free images of birds from the internet and cut them out and arrange and stick them over the design.

10 Add the decorative knobs. We chose roses from Zara Home.



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