Wire Shelf from a Bread Crate

We had an old wire bread basket that was just calling out for a bit of a makeover, so we turned it on its side and fitted some shelves made from oddments of wood.

They were not just any old shelves, We painted them, in your face, neon pink before fitting them. So the whole unit has a real Wow factor to it.

You will need

Metal bread or milk crate

Soft wood off cuts

Steel ruler



Drill with small drill bit

Thin Wire

Wire cutters

Valspar Fluorescent paint in pink



  1. Measure the wood off cuts and mark so they are the same dimensions as the inside of the metal crate from front to back and side to side.
  2. Saw the wood to those dimensions.
  3. Make sure the shelves fit into the crate. With a pencil mark on the wood where the various uprights are at the back and the sides of the crate. Drill holes in the shelves in the positions you marked.
  4. Sand the shelves. In a well -ventilated room ,spray in turn the tops side and underneath of each shelf it turn obviously drying between the various sides before applying the next coat. .
  5. Cut the wire into 15cm pieces and thread through the shelves and then using the metal ties, tie each shelf into the frame.




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