Hygge – Fingerless Mittens

This is a very simple, inexpensive yet luxurious make and epitomizes the spirit of Hygge. We used a much loved but rather moth eaten cashmere sweater to create these mittens. We covered the holes with beautiful old nametapes, which were a thrift store find. They are perfect as they have bound edges so are easy to sew on. If you don’t have nametapes you can always use pieces of ribbon. Tapestry wool is perfect for sewing the mittens as it comes in many colours so you can either make a near perfect match or give an injection of colour. Tapestry wool is thick, so before sewing with it separate out a couple strands from a length of wool.

You will need

Old sweater or cardigan with sleeves

Contrast or matching wool

Name tapes or ribbon for mending

Darning needle

Sewing needle


Sewing thread

Stitch unpicker

Dress makers pins


  1. Cut the sleeves off the sweater and try them on. You will want them to be a bit crinkly when you wear them so that they trap air and keep you very warm. If they are too long cut some of the length off but leave enough to turn the edge under to neaten.
  2. Put each sleeve on and mark thumbs position with pins on the side seam.
  3. Using the stitch unpicker, remove the stitches in the side seam at the thumb position.
  4. Roll in the edges of the thumb holes and sew down to neaten.
  5. If the sweater fabric is felted you won’t need to neaten the cut edges, if it is fraying roll in the edges and neaten like the thumb holes.
  6. Use nametags to cover any moth holes, sew in place using a needle and sewing thread.

Enjoy wearing your newly made Hygge mittens!

Get your copy of The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking here!

Or here (https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/298804/the-little-book-of-hygge/



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