Patterned Pouffe

We love the idea of making this pouffe from African batik style fabric. So wacky and at the same time the perfect item to lift the look of a staid room. You can pick up Batik in London in areas such as Tooting and Brixton and also in markets in the east of London and Paris.


You will need:

African batik fabrics available in London market stalls 2m

Orange fabric for the base 80cm

Calico 2m

Hook and loop tape 1packet

Water-soluble pen

Beanbag filling I large bag

Pins, needles and thread


Paper for pattern



The instructions for the outer and the calico inner bag are the same. We made the outer part first and then the inner. We used 1cm seam allowance throughout.

  1. Use the patterns to cut out all the pieces from the calico and the African Batik fabrics. We used the large motif that was perfect for the top of the pouffe. We decided to piece together lots of different designs to make the side. As the base is not seen, we used some plain orange fabric.

2. First make base with the hook and loop tape opening for the top fabric. On both base pieces turn the straight edge under by 1cm then turn again by 3cm. Sew down, then pin and sew strips of hook and loop tape along both sides.

3. Press the hook and loop tape edges together then machine sew the ends of the seams closed.

4. With right sides facing, using a 1cm seam allowance pin sew together the sidepieces.

5. Press the seams open open so you have a continuous smooth side panel.

6. With right sides facing, pin and sew the sides to first the top and then the base making a drum shape. Turn through the gap so it is right side facing out.

7. To make the liner, repeat the process with the calico. Put the calico liner inside the fabric cover,then fill with polystyrene beads.


Fold and mark the fabric for the top, base and sides into eighths. When you come to pin on the sides, match up the pen marks on the top and base.


Hook and loop tape, Water Soluble Pen

Beanbag Filling


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