William Morris Ironing Board Cover

unnamedYou will need

  • Fabric for the cover (we used an old curtain)
  • Un-picker
  • Paper and pencil to make a pattern.
  • Fabric for the padding (we used some old blanket)
  • String
  • Dress makers scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Dress makers pins
  • Safety pin
  • Bonda web


1. Pull the threads through the header tape to straighten, then using the un-picker remove the tape. Wash the curtain fabric before using.

2. Take the old cover off and use this as a pattern and add 6cm all the way round for seam allowance and as a channel to hold the thread. Cut the old curtain fabric to this size.

3. Draw round the ironing board for the size of the padding. Pin the pattern onto blanket. Cut out the blanket.

4. Use the pattern to cut the bondaweb and iron it onto the blanket.

5. Peel off the backing paper. Pin glue side down onto the wrong side of the ironing board cover, making sure it is centered so that there is an even seam allowance all the way round. Iron into position and remove the pins.

6. Sew round the edge of the blanket with a zigzag stitch.

7. Turn under all the edges by 2cms, leaving an opening at one end. Thread the string onto a safety pin and push through the channel. Fit the cover onto the ironing board by gathering and tie the threads together.



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