Hygge Patchwork Throw

What could be more Hygge than a throw made out of vintage faded softened men’s shirts. This one has been made from a collection of blue, striped, plains, checked fabrics cut into rectangles that are surrounded by red checks and tartans cut into strips. To complete the recycled aspect to this project, it is backed with an old sheet. The inside is curtain interfacing but you could equally well use an old duvet or wadding.

Note This throw can be made for any sized throw or quilt you wish to make from a baby’s to a king sized quilt and anything between. The only limitation is the size of the backing sheet as this needs to be as large as the front of the quilt.

You will need

Pile of old shirts the number will depend on the size of coverlet you wish to make.

Fabric Scissors

Sewing machine and thread

Dress -makers pins

Steam iron

Old sheet

Interling or wadding



  1. Cut the blue coloured shirts into equal height rectangles and arrange them side by side and on top of one another as if making a brick wall.
  1. Cut the red check and tartan shirts into approximately 5cm wide strips some the same height as the blue rectangles. Other can be the full length of the shirt. Turn the sides in by about 0.5cm as if making bias binding, press flat with a steam iron.
  1. With right sides together, sew one side of one strip to one rectangle. Sew a different rectangle onto the other side of the strip. Press flat. Repeat this process until you have the width of fabric that you need.
  1. Join long strips of red check to the top and bottom of the long piece of fabric you just created. Repeat until the fabric is the size you require.
  1. Make a fabric sandwich, with right sides facing outwards and the sheet on the bottom the wadding in the center, and the new fabric, just created, on the top. Pin, tack and then sew round the edge.
  1. Edge the whole of the throw with another long piece of tartan strip.

Rug supplied by Flair Rugs – http://flairrugs.com/



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