Caravan Sewing Machine Cover

Our sewing machine came with a less than elegant flimsy fabric cover. What better way to use up some of our Cath Kidston fabric stash than designing and making our own unique cover.

We used the fabric cover that came with our machine for our pattern template, use our pattern only as a guide and take measurements from your sewing machine for a good fit.

You will need

Selection of fabrics, we used Cath Kidston


Pins needles and thread


Tracing paper



Ribbon roses

Measure your sewing machine and draw up your pattern using ours as a guide. Pin onto outer and lining fabric and cut out.

Trace templates for windows wheels etc onto the paper backing on the bondaweb. Cut out bondaweb shapes and iron onto the reverse of the fabric you have chosen for the fabric shapes. Peel off the backing paper, then place the shapes in position and iron to fuse. Sew zigzag stitch around the each shape to anchor. Sew on the button door handle and ribbon roses.

Pin and sew the outer cover and the lining. Turn the cover right sides out push into the inside out lining. On the top section of the cover pin the lining and outside together then pin the template for the handle opening in place.

Sew through the paper template round the edge of the box shape, then tear off the paper. Using embroidery scissors cut the fabric along the centre of the box shape, cutting diagonally into each corner. To turn the cover right sides out push the lining through the opening you have just cut. Ease through then press the seams of the opening.

Pin the lining and outer cover together along the lower edge, trim the lining. Turn the raw edge of the outside cover in by 1cm, then turn again by 1cm and hand sew in place.



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