Lovely Lined Moses Basket


Paper for pattern

Liberty lawn fabric in a variety of designs (see below)

1.2m of lightweight wadding or interlining for mattress and coverlet

blue ,turquoise and white pom poms


sufficient bias binding for the circumference of the

basket 2cm wide

sufficient elastic for the circumference of the base of the basket x 50mm wide Korbond


Liberty Tana Lawn – LTL03634160F – Queue for the Zoo – NEW Product Code: LTL03634160F in Blue colourway

Liberty Tana Lawn – LTL03632019P – Betsy Pastel Product Code: LTL03632109P (mattress cover and sheet)

Top of Form

Liberty Tana Lawn – LTL03633175C – Jolie Rose Blue Product Code: LTL03633175C

Liberty Tana Lawn – LTL03634045B – Lagos Laurel Product Code: LTL03634045B

Liberty Lifestyle – Stile Collection – Newbury – Colourway B – LLSC03384156BProduct Code: LLSC03384156B

Liberty print Bias Binding – 25mm – by metre – Meadow Lilac Product Code: HOA Meadow Lilac

To make the patterns

Before buying the fabric, make your pattern as you to work out the amount of fabric required.

Basket lining

  1. Stand the basket on a piece of paper and draw round the base. Cut out the shape and place it inside the basket. Press it firmly down into the bottom and using a felt tipped pen draw a line round it just inside the edge to mark where the base of the basket joins the sides. This line will be your sewing line.
  2. Measure the height of the basket at the highest point, add 15cm for frill and 2cm seam allowance. Measure the circumference of the basket and double the length and add 2cm for seam allowances. Make a rectangular pattern of the dimensions you have just measured.
  3. Cut an equilateral triangle paper pattern with each side being 15cm long
  4. Lay all the pattern pieces side by side to work out the amount of fabric you need. Remember to allow for 34 triangle piece to make 17 finished triangles. If you are making a mattress cover, and coverlet you will need to make a pattern and measure for these at the same time. The pattern cut for the base of the lining can be   used for the mattress, if you are making your own.
  5. Mattress cover – Lay the paper on top of the mattress and draw round it. Lift up the mattress and add a further 10cm all round the shape just drawn. Cut round the outer line to make the pattern.
  6. Coverlet – Make a paper pattern using the crib base as a guide but add a further 10cm all round. Cut 6 more triangle shapes to make up three triangles.

Making up the basket lining use 1 cm seam allowance through out.

  1. Pin the pattern pieces on to the fabric and with the exception of the triangles cut one of each shape. Cut 34 triangles.
  2. With right sides facing, stitch the short sides of the rectangle together. Using long running stitches, gather one of the long sides. With right sides facing, ease the gathered edge onto the edge of the base. Pin into position and then machine.
  3. Put the lining into the basket. Mark the position of the handles with pins and then cut the fabric between the pins. Neaten the raw edges with bias binding.
  4. Cut 120 cm of bias with wrong sides facing fold in half lengthways and sew to make a ribbon. Cut 4 pieces each 30cm long. Sew one of these ribbons to the wrong side of the centre of each side of an opening. Tie them to create a bow.
  5. Make up the triangles, with right sides facing stitch two pieces together down two sides. Trim the seams and the corners. Turn the right way out and press flat. Turn under the top edge and pin and sew evenly round the edge of the lining.Sew pom poms on the end of each triangle.


  1. Using the cut pattern for the base of the lining, cut three layers of wadding and two of fabric. Baste the wadding together.
  2. With right sides facing, sew two pieces of fabric together round 3 ½ sides. Insert the wadding and close the gap by oversewing.

Mattress cover

 1.Using the mattress cover pattern, cut as many covers as required. Turn under by 2mm all round to neaten.

2.Sew bias round the edge and then again making a channel for elastic. Leave an opening to thread the elastic.

  1. Place over the mattress and tie the ends of the of the elastic so it covers firmly but not too tightly attached.


  1. Cut 1 top fabric, 1 bottom fabric, 1 wadding, 6 triangles.
  2. Make 3 triangles as you did for the basket   Making sure triangles face inwards sew them along one short side of the quilt.
  3. With right sides facing, sew the lining fabric onto the top fabric around 3 sides.
  4. Trim the seams and corners, turn the right way out, press and close the opening by over sewing.
  5. Add pompoms to the ends of the triangles.

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