No-sew Blind

You will need :

– Fabric, width of window +3cm, by height of window +4.5cm

-Iron-on hemming tape

– Iron and ironing board

– Dowelling, 1cm thick by the finished width of the blind


-Staple gun

-Strips of wood


blind composition

1. Cut the fabric to size. With the wrong side facing up, fold up 1.5cm on the long sides and the bottom edge and secure with iron-on tape.

2. Still with the wrong side facing you, turn the bottom edge up again by 3cm to create a channel for the dowelling. Iron in place with tape.

3. Measure 10cm in from each long edge at the top of the blind; this is where the ribbon will sit. Secure one long length to each of these points with staples, ensuring that half hangs over the front and half over the back.

4. Staple the top of the blind to a strip of wood, then attach hooks for hanging. To pull up the blind simply roll the fabric to the top and tie in place.

blind ribbon detail





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