Book Review – Urban Pioneer: Interiors Inspired by Industrial Design by Sara Emslie


Architecture Design by Manifold Architecture studio, Brooklyn, NY

How can I resist the new book by interior stylist that just arrived on my desk, Urban Pioneer: Interiors Inspired by Industrial Design. The pioneers, mostly designers and artisans have colonised and renovated exindustrial and non residential buildings where they combine work with living, to create a new urban lifestyle. They have thrown out the rules of traditional interiors and the newly emerged style reflects the remnants of the industrial past, generous windows letting in lots of light, metal finishes, exposed pipes and brick work.

2 p 148 The canalside home

The canalside home and gallery of creative director, art dealer and location owner Mark Chalmers in Amsterdam

The urban pioneer is a style that’s in demand, we are all familiar with the open plan look of these large industrial spaces, flexible, less permanent and more mobile. The pioneers have licence to break the mould, be bold and take the opportunity to experiment, take risks while rethinking scale. The book examines twelve case histories, all individual, illustrating a variety of ways to design post industrial interiors.The London home of Peter Wim

3 p20 The London home of Peter Wim The London home of Peter Wim

While all the spaces have a strong sense of reflecting the anatomy of the building, pioneers adapt their space to their individual needs. And don’t think it’s all about the utillitarian, as this ultimately depends on where the pioneer chooses to draw the line. Some like to allow for domestic softening and flights of fancy. Amsterdam interior by designer James van der Velden has a spectacular lush wall painted in the manner of a classical artist.

4 p29 Designer James van der VeldenDesigner James van der Velden of Bricks Studio

While the kitchen of graphic designer Anouk Pruim, is pared back, no frills, basic chic, reflected in salvedged utility used for furnishing the space. In the New York home of Houssein Jarouche my favourite, a vintage modern interior, has ecclectic kitchen cupboards that are boldly collaged with colourful graphic tape.

5 p121 Designer James van der Velden

Designer James van der Velden of Bricks Studio, Amsterdam

If you want to get that Urban Pioneer look, this book, packed with visual pointers will help you put together your own take on interiors inspired by industrial design.

6 p67 The New York

The New York home of Houssein Jarouche of

7 p89 The home of Anouk PruimThe home of Anouk Pruim, graphic designer

Urban Pioneer by Sara Emslie

(Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99)

Photography by Benjamin Edwards © Ryland Peters & Small





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