Decal Plates


If you’ve got stacks of old crockery that’s starting to look la little dates, tart it up in a flash with easy-to-use DIY transfers


You will need –

  • A selection of old china
  • An inkjet printer
  • Waterslide decal paper, 79p per sheer
  • Copyright free images
  • Small scissors or scalpel



  1. First, choose your favourite images, and print them onto waterslide decal paper.
  2. Use a scalpel or a small pair of scissors to cut out the images, then use Blu-Tack to temporarily attach them to the china in a composition you’re most happy with.
  3. One image at a time, peel backing away to reveal the tacky side, stick in place and leave to dry completely.





Découpaged Furniture

Give a distinctive edge to a chest of drawers by adding unique insect decals to the knobs and paper cut outs to the drawers.


You Will Need

  • PVA glue
  • Waterslide Decal paper £2.15 CraftyComputerPaper
  • Insect Images
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors



  1. To make images for the knobs print insect pictures onto decal paper following the manufacturers instructions. Cut the images to size then soak in water, slide image onto the knob.
  2. Print insect images onto paper, cut out and stick on drawer sides and interiors. When dry paint drawers and knobs with matt varnish.