Cath Kidston Mother’s Day Corsage

We made our rosette using Cath Kidston fabric and ribbon and decorated the center with an embroidered button saying Mum. We made an alternative version by covering the button with a piece of vintage embroidery found in a charity shop. We sewed on a safety pin but you can use stick on magnets and put the rosette on the fridge.


You will need 

Cath Kidston fabric

Tape measure

Cath Kidston ribbon

Safety pin

Large coat button

Pinking shears

Dress makers scissors



Embroidery floss

Water erasable pen


  1. Draw round the button on the back of your floral fabric, add an outer circle about 1cm wider than the inner circle.
  2. Turn the fabric over and in water erasable pen write the word mum and draw a heart. Using a back stitch, and blue thread embroider over the word mum.
  3. Embroider the heart in red.
  4. Sew a line of gathering stitches near the edge of the embroidered circle.
  5. Insert the button and gather up the stitches and finish with a knot.
  6. Turn the button over to admire your work.
  7. Cut a piece of floral fabric with 1 long straight edge and 1 pinked edge. 3.5cm wide x 33cm long. Sew a line of running stitches along the long straight edge
  8. Gather the stitches up to form a circle. Tie off the ends.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 but this time with a piece of plain blue fabric 2.5cm wide x 21cm long.
  10. Sew the blue rosette onto the floral one at their centers.
  11. Sew the covered button on top of the double rosette.
  12. Cut a piece of ribbon 19cm long. Fold it in half and then sew it onto the back of the rosette.
  13. Sew a safety pin onto the center of the back of the rosette.
  14. To neaten the back cut a small piece of ribbon, turn the ends under and cover all the bits of sewing on the back of the rosette.
  15. Give it to your mother for Mother’s day.

Mothers Day Corsage


What better way to show how much you love your mum than by making her a beautiful recycled jewelry corsage. A quick make, creating a beautiful new story from tattered memories.

I am a magpie, I can’t resist the glitter of costume jewelry and it’s even better if it’s broken, crying out for recycling. I keep my stash of broken jewels and orphaned earrings in a beautiful old soapbox. It’s covered with an exotic print that whispers promises of far off other times Moghul Palaces. Inspired by the box I set off to make a mothers day corsage from broken jewels and recycled shirt fabric.

You will need:

  • Old shirts ready for recycling
  • Scissors and pinking sheers
  • Needle and thread in colour to match
  • Brooch pin
  • Broken broach or orphaned earrings
  1. Take two sleeves from shirts of contrasting fabric. Cut two strips from the widest parts of the sleeves, one 1.5cm wide and another 2cm wide. Use straight scissors to cut one side of the strips and pinking sheers for the remaining side.
  2. To make two rosettes, with the needle and thread, sew with a running stitch along the straight cut side of one of the strips. When you get to the end of the strip pull the thread so the fabric gathers up, to form the rosette, sew the ends under each other. Repeat to make the second rosette.
  3. Place the smaller rosette over the larger one, then stitch together. Take the jewels and sew onto the middle of the rosette. Sew the brooch pin on the reverse of the rosette. If you don’t have a brooch pin use a safety pin instead.